El Golfo - Lago Verde

El Golfo - Lago Verde

16-06-2017   Lanzarote Highlights Discover Lanzarote

The crater of an ancient volcano plunges into the Atlantic Ocean creating a lake known as the "Charco de los Clicos" (green lagoon or Clicos lagoon)

Enjoy the views of a volcanic landscape next to the sea

To better appreciate the views, it is best to first visit the viewpoint of El Golfo, which is in the northern part of it and about 50 meters from a car park where you can park your car for free. Today the viewpoint is free and the views of it on the Charco de los Clicos are truly amazing.

A path that descends from the parking lot and the viewpoint to the beach allows you to enjoy in the first person the peculiar volcanic landscape of the Charco de los Clicos and the sunset next to the sea shore. The beach of El Golfo is gravel and is about 320 meters long. It is a little crowded beach and without boardwalk that forms part of the national park of Timanfaya and with strong marine currents. Bathing in its waters is not allowed.

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