Terms and conditions

LCT Lanzarote / LOW COST TOURS Lanzarote, hereinafter referred to as "LCTEU" is the exclusive owner of the website: www.lowcosttourslanzarote.com hereinafter referred to as the "Website". LCTEU is a company dedicated to the organization, promotion and management of reservations and sales of activities, excursions, visits and experiences in multiple destinations. LCTEU serves the possibility of using this web platform to any natural or legal person who wishes it (hereinafter, the "user") for the reservation of all kinds of tourist activities, excursions, tours and guided visits and transfers, on the condition of accepting the terms and conditions of use as they are expressed below.
The data of LCTEU, owner of the website are as follows:
Name: Low Cost Tours Europe S.L.
Address: c/ Fuerteventura, 46, 35100, San Fernando de Maspalomas, Gran Canaria, province: Las Palmas.
E-mail: reservas@lowcosttourslanzarote.com   
CIF: B76161934

1. Acceptance of the general terms and conditions of website use and access

These Terms and Conditions (which may be modified from time to time) apply to all direct or indirect services available online, through any mobile device, by email or by telephone. By accessing, browsing and using our website or any of our applications available through platforms ("the website") and/or making a reservation, you agree to have read, understand and agree to the terms and conditions below (including the privacy statement).
The User declares to be of legal age and to have the necessary legal capacity to be bound by this agreement and to use this Web site in conformity with the terms and conditions of use here established, which he understands in its totality and accepting the same ones, defining these the rights and obligations of LCTEU and the User for the hiring of the services of tourist activities, excursions, guided visits and transfers.
These pages together with their content, structure, infrastructure and the online booking service provided through this website (the "service") belong to and are managed and provided by LCTEU. They can only be used for personal and non-commercial purposes, therefore prohibiting their modification, reproduction, duplication, copying, distribution, partial or total sale of them and being equally prohibited any other form of use, either for commercial purposes or without them and therefore the User agrees not to use this website for illegal or forbidden purposes.
In order to make the booking of the services offered by LCTEU, it will be required the registration of the User and the acceptance of these conditions before making the corresponding payment, not being so for the mere access to the information described in the Website.
The User accepts that he/she will only use the Web site for his/her own use and that any of the products or services acquired through LCTEU's Website will be for his/her own use or consumption or for those people for whom he/she is legitimately authorized to act on his/her behalf. The User will not resell products or services acquired through the Website to other people and will behave according to the terms and conditions specified in the terms herein expressed unless otherwise agreed and in advance written agreement with LCTEU.

2. Purpose and area of the website

Through this website, LCTEU and its affiliates provide an online platform through which excursions, activities and guided tours are offered to the users of the website, who can make reservations for the services and products offered. When making a reservation through LCTEU (either via internet or telephone), the User joins a direct contractual relationship, which is legally binding, with LCTEU. The booking or purchase of products or services of those suppliers that the User chooses through this Website will be subjected to the specific terms and conditions that such suppliers establish in each case.
The information we show is based on the information provided by different suppliers, we can’t verify or guarantee that all information is accurate, complete or correct, except for that relating to our own services and products which don't depend on third parties and are managed directly and completely by LCTEU, such as guided tours by bus. Nor are we responsible for any errors (whether manifest or typographical), interruptions (due to temporary and/or partial server downtime or repairs, updates and maintenance of our website or other reasons), incorrect, misleading or false information, or lack of information provided by third parties.
The User agrees to accept and respect the terms and conditions of purchase established by any supplier with whom the User chooses to contract via this Website, including, but not limited to, the payment of any amount/s accrued/s and the observance of all those rules and limitations on the availability of rates, products or services and if any, these will be shown to the User on the display before proceeding to make the reservation.
In general terms our services on the website are for personal use and not commercial, said this, those individuals or legal persons who wish to make commercial use of the services offered on the LCTEU website must register in the corresponding section and previous commercial agreement with LCTEU. Likewise, it is not allowed to resell, make deep-links, use, copy, monitoring (for example: spider, scrape), show, download or reproduce the content, information, software, products or services available on our website for any commercial or competitive activity, without prior written agreement with LCTEU.
Suppliers, whether of products and/or services each within the area of their respective obligations, will be responsible to the User for the fulfilment of each and every one of the obligations derived from the current regulation and the terms and conditions of sale of each one of the products and services contracted, without LCTEU assuming any obligation or responsibility for those products or services that do not provide directly. LCTEU acts as a mere intermediary between the suppliers and the User to provide the products, so it will be the suppliers who assume all responsibility for transport, itineraries and compliance with obligations and responsibilities.
Notwithstanding the aforesaid, and as part of the User assistance service, in the course of the User's purchase with the selected supplier of the products or services provided by LCTEU, the User authorizes LCTEU, when necessary to ensure that the comparison between suppliers and the transaction between the User and the supplier(s) of selected products or services are carried out correctly, LCTEU acting merely as its representative in the purchase services and perform on behalf of the User any necessary actions and, in particular, the payment of the products and/or services to the suppliers of them. In that case, the User will refund to LCTEU the amounts paid in advance by LCTEU as agent.
LCTEU is only providing the Web site to publish the services offered by the providers of activities and excursions so that the User can hire them.
In accordance with Article 27 of Law 34/2002, of July 11, Services Information Society, the electronic document generated with the formalization of the contract for the purchase of products and / or services, will be filed in the records that LCTEU keeps for this particular and being the same accessible by the User at any time, upon request to LCTEU.

3. Reservations and registration

The User must provide his/her personal data (full name, e-mail address and mobile phone number) in order to make a reservation, either for himself/herself or for another person acting on behalf of the User, through the Web site; in order for LCTEU to manage the reservation of the activity requested by the User.
Users may also create a private User account by filling out the registration form that the Website provides to any user. Once registered, the User will have his own profile that allows him to access his private area through which he will be able to manage all the reservations made through the Web Site and also in future reservations his data will be automatically loaded saving valuable time in future reservations.
In accordance with the General Conditions of Use of the Website, Users agree to provide real, accurate, updated and truthful information about their identity, or the person on behalf of whom will make the reservation of an activity. Understanding this, the User accepts responsibility for the data provided to LCTEU and the consequences of any mistakes in the information provided to make the reservation of the activity, excursion or guided tour.
Consequently, Users will be responsible for the correct safekeeping and confidentiality of their User's name and/or passwords used and which allow access to their account, and therefore undertake not to give its use to third parties, either temporarily or permanently.

4. Conditions for booking excursions, activities and guided tours

The reservations made on the Website by the User will be subject to specific conditions depending on the activity, excursion and guided tour that the User has booked. These conditions are described on the website, each of the services having its own particularities and conditions; they can also be found in the e-mails that confirm the reservations made by the User on the website.

4.1 General Conditions on Reservations

Reservations for activities, excursions and guided tours promoted by LCTEU on the website are subject to conditions:

  1. The dates and times of the excursions, activities and guided tours promoted on the website have been provided by the suppliers who carry them out, and do not allow any modification. There is the possibility of changing the date and / or time for the performance of the activity by the User if he has hired a private service and having reached an agreement with LCTEU for the modification of the reservation. The concession of the modifications in relation to activities, excursions or guided visits provided by suppliers won't depend on LCTEU but on these, taking on the specific conditions of each supplier.
  2. The modification of the reservation data may be carried out as long as the conditions of the excursion, activity / or guided tour allow it. Taking this into account, the User can make changes to the reservation through the link provided in the email containing the reservation data.
  3. The User may make a reservation for an excursion, activity and/or guided tour with a specific time in advance of each activity and provider, this being different for each of them. The User will be able to access this information on the Web site in the description of each activity, excursion and/or guided visit that he wishes to make; taking into account that, therefore, the User understands that he will not be able to make a reservation less in advance than that indicated in the conditions of each excursion, activity and/or guided visit.
  4. If the User wishes to make an activity, excursion and/or guided visit privately, he/she must contact LCTEU through the above mentioned means (contact details) or through the contact form of the Web site, to manage his/her request and inform him/her of the specific conditions of such activity, excursion and/or guided visit.

4.2 Conditions related to the information of the excursion, activity and/or guided visit:

The User, after making the reservation of his excursion, activity and/or guided tour will receive in his e-mail a reservation file in which LCTEU notifies the User of the pick-up or meeting points, the date and time, as well as the duration and other information related to the excursion booked.
By e-mail, LCTEU will provide the User with its reservation number (unique locator of the reservation) through a booking voucher for the excursion, activity and/or guided tour booked on the website that must be shown to the supplier at the time of carrying out the activity; in addition to inform the supplier of the reservation made by the User indicating the personal data and other information that the supplier requires for the carrying out of the excursion, activity and/or guided tour.
At the end of the booking, the User agrees to comply with the specific conditions of the excursion, activity and/or guided tour, such as punctuality at the meeting point. Noncompliance with these conditions would result in the User losing the reservation since the excursion, activity and/or guided tour are planned in such a way that its starting time can’t be modified.
The data published in the Web site about the duration of the excursion, activity and/or guided visit are of informative and referential character, being able to suffer variations depending on the service development or because of external factors to LCTEU and/or to the supplier being these of climatological nature or problems in the public ways among others.
LCTEU informs the User that the supplier may ask the User to deliver or show (via telematic) the booking voucher for the excursion, activity and/or guided visit; and therefore LCTEU is not responsible for the User, once the date and time of the excursion, activity and/or guided visit has arrived, not showing such document to the Supplier and the Supplier decides to cancel the reservation.
To make a private reservation for an activity, excursion or guided tour, please contact LCTEU through the contact form available at the following link: https://es.lowcosttourslanzarote.com/contact  or send us an email to:

5. Economic conditions of the reservation

The prices shown on our website are final prices and include both taxes and service fees except for technical/typical error or administrative failure.
Unless otherwise indicated, the currency in use is the "euro" (€). The total amount that the User will have to pay for the purchased services will be indicated in the booking confirmation on the website.
The prices indicated on the LCTEU website are for a tour or excursion and are per person, unless otherwise indicated, such as discounts for groups or private reservations for excursions, activities and/or guided tours. The number of people who can participate will be indicated in the User's booking and the price changes according to the number of people who participate in the excursion, activity and/or guided tour, multiplying it by the total number of people participating in the activity.
The User when making the reservation of his excursion, activity and/or guided visit will have to pay the total amount at the time of finishing the reservation through one of the available means of payment. LCTEU is affiliated to the Secure Commerce so it has a secure payment gateway that allows the user to manage the payment of his reservation in a secure and fraud-proof way. The User will be able to make the payment of his reservation with a debit or credit card or by means of a PayPal account, filling in the payment information with the data of the valid card used for the reservation.

LCTEU not apply discounts on their services, unless the conditions of the tour, activity and / or guided tour or third parties so established. However, it may be the case that the user has a valid coupon provided by LCTEU or by one of its collaborators and previous validation of the same by LCTEU with the corresponding locator or code.
The User, once the economic transaction is finished, will receive in his e-mail a confirmation ticket of the reservation with the amount and method of payment used for the accomplishment of the same one.
The User understands that this ticket is not an invoice for the amount paid, so, if he needs an invoice for the amount, he must in the process of filling in the data of his reservation, check the box: Do you need an invoice? and fill in the fields required for sending it, which will be sent via email. Otherwise, if you don't receive it, please check:

  • that the information in your e-mail is correct,
  • that the mail sent by LCTEU is not in the spam folder,

If you have verified that, you can contact LCTEU so that we can provide you with it.

6. Privacy Policy

LCTEU complies with the highest standards of quality and privacy regulations and promotes the proper use of ethical standards and undertakes to respect at all times the privacy of the User, protecting their personal data, except for the disclosure of those that by legal imperative are required by a competent authority or by law in each jurisdiction. The User's data, such as name, email address and credit card data necessary to complete the booking will not be disclosed by LCTEU to third parties without the User's consent.
However, LCTEU reserves the right to disclose User data to our affiliated companies (inside and outside the European Union), to our employees, to those of those companies and to our trusted agents and representatives, who may access this information with our authorization and who need to know or have access to it in order to offer our service (including customer service and internal services such as audits or regulatory compliance).
The User can consult our privacy policy for more information.

7. Links to other websites

The LCTEU website may have links/hyperlinks to other websites that are not managed by LCTEU. These web pages of other providers are included in our Web Portal as a reference and by way of help to our users in order to find other offers and by way of informative references.
LCTEU has no control over these websites and is therefore exempt from liability for their contents, errors (whether factual, technical or typographical), misleading information or false information provided by these third parties.

The inclusion of these links to other websites on the LCTEU website doesn't suggest any guarantee of LCTEU on them. Similarly, LCTEU doesn't promote or recommend these websites over others and therefore LCTEU doesn't give any assessment of their contents, owners, services or products offered in them, so it doesn't assume, for the reasons above, any obligation or responsibility in this sense.

8. Hyperlinks

LCTEU may provide the User with a strictly limited, non-exclusive right to create a text hyperlink on the Website for non-commercial purposes, provided that such hyperlink does not represent LCTEU or its products or services in a false, misleading, derogatory or defamatory manner.
Any portal that links to the LCTEU website must not contain material considered "adult or obscene" or illegal material, or any other material that could be considered offensive. This limited right may be withdrawn at any time.
The LCTEU logo is the exclusive property of LCTEU and may not be used on any other page or website without the express written permission of LCTEU. The use of LCTEU logos is subject to the correct use of the Corporate Brand Manual, which LCTEU will supply in due course. In addition, it is forbidden to use any other technique aimed at extracting or using any information contained in the LCTEU website, without the express written consent of LCTEU.
The granting of the above right doesn't mean, in any way, the granting of other rights for needs different from those requested. By extension, the rights of third parties are also protected.

9. Disagreement between users and members

In general, LCTEU has no obligation to mediate in case of conflict between the User and other members/users of our website. LCTEU may act if it finds evidence of a breach of any of our terms and conditions by the User or the Provider.

10. Credit card

LCTE offers the use of a secure payment server as they are attached to the Secure Commerce. Our payment platform is designed to prevent fraud, so the user can manage their payments without fear of fraud.
The data and sensitive information provided on the user's credit or debit card are transferred and managed directly by the Bank under the security protocol (SSL) and are encrypted in our payment gateway, being only accessible by authorized persons with special rights of access to such systems, being obliged at all times to keep the information confidential.
The data of the credit or debit card are kept for a maximum period of 30 days after the realization of the reservation. After this time, the User's credit or debit card information will be removed from our system.

11. Cancellation Policy

Each service provided by LCTEU on the Web site has its own policy of modification and cancellation, either an own service or third parties, expressed in the details of each tour, activity and / or guided tour and that the User may consult when needed, and in the booking ticket that LCTEU sends to the User once the booking of his tour, activity and / or guided tour.
Understanding this, each service and provider will apply its conditions of cancellation in the estimated time and the possible charging of a supplement or a part of the reservation depending on the time in advance with which the User cancels his reservation.
If the User wishes to modify or cancel his/her reservation, he/she may consult the confirmation email and follow the conditions for doing it. The User assumes the charges that may apply for cancellation, in accordance with the specific conditions provided by each provider of the hired service, however, and in the absence of these, the following conditions will apply and in the following cases:
The purchase of visits that include tickets, as in the case of the GUIDED TOUR OF THE ALHAMBRA, can't be cancelled or modified and therefore, the amount paid for these is not refundable.

  • Penalty of 100% of the payment made for the reservation: If the reservation is cancelled in the 24 hours prior to the service, counting these 24 hours, as before the time of collection agreed with the User.
  • Penalty of 30% of the payment made for the reservation: if the cancellation is made within 48 hours prior to the scheduled pick-up time for the User.
  • If the User doesn’t show up at the point and time specified for the service, the User won't be able to get a refund of the amounts previously paid for the hired service.

In case the service provider is not available on the date booked for the excursion, activity and/or guided tour, LCTEU will look for an alternative to the User for the realization of this and/or will offer another excursion, activity and/or guided tour for the indicated day. The User will have a period of 72 hours to accept the possible change and make it known to LCTEU by any means (telephone or email) to manage his/her new reservation and provide all information regarding the new tour, activity and / or guided tour booked by the User. If the User doesn't answer in this period, LCTEU will understand that the User rejects the options and will cancel his initial reservation. Considering this, LCTEU will contact the User to try the refund of the amount paid for the activity according to the conditions mentioned above.

In accordance with the foregoing, the User accepts the General Conditions of Use, as well as the General and Specific Cancellation Policy of the activity reserved on the Web site and declares to be in accordance with these.

12. E-mails and additional correspondence

The User agrees to receive a confirmation email when making the reservation on the website, which includes all the information about it, as well as the service booked and possible applicable offers.
LCTEU may also send a newsletter to inform him/her about new features of interest to members and users. In the same way, the User could receive alerts and instant messages from LCTEU; being able to choose at any time not to receive any more mail from us.
The User may receive regular emails from LCTEU in order to improve the service. Any registered user of LCTEU's website can decide if they wish to receive specific e-mails or not by changing their configuration in the menu of Privacy Preferences.
If the User doesn't wish to receive our newsletter and promotional communications, he/she may unsubscribe by following the instructions included in each newsletter.

13. Exemption and Limit of Liability

In accordance with the limitations indicated in these terms and conditions, and to the extent permitted by law, LCTEU is only liable for direct damages suffered, paid or incurred by the User due to effects attributable to the obligations of LCTEU in reference to our services and with an amount not exceeding the total cost of the User's reservation.
The User agrees to be responsible for the economic consequences derived from any use of this Web site and that are a consequence of the use of the User's password of the LCTEU Web site, as well as for the use of the passwords (in case they had been introduced by having been registered in the Web site) of the User by third parties. The User therefore declares that all the information provided by him for access to this website and in the course of its use is authentic, complete and in keeping with reality, the User always agrees to keep it updated.
LCTEU works hard every day to update, maintain and operate its website, to offer the User a tool for obtaining products and services. However, LCTEU cannot guarantee the absence of technical failures, the total security of the Web service, nor that it is operational 24 hours a day, seven days a week always.
LCTEU provides through its website different information about products and services provided or offered by third parties, therefore, assumes no legal liability for the lack of authenticity, fidelity, accuracy and / or updating of the reviews contained in the offers of products and / or services offered on the website by different suppliers of products and / or services. Similarly, LCTEU is not legally responsible for the reviews, data and information that are provided in physical catalogues of partners.
In any case, LCTEU doesn't assume any responsibility for the damages that may be accidentally caused, directly or indirectly, by the purchase of a product or the provision of a service offered on a Web site other than LCTEU, by negligence of the supplier of such product or service or by any other cause other than LCTEU. Similarly, LCTEU assumes no responsibility for those products and / or services of third parties that even being offered on the website of LCTEU aren't directly managed by us. The limitation of responsibility of LCTEU is the one established by the applicable legislation and the one related to the sectorial regulation for the tourist intermediation.
If for reasons of force majeure (including but not limited to social, political, economic, strikes or any type of instability affecting the safety of citizens in general or the User in particular), there are deficiencies in the reservations, confirmations and/or execution of any excursion, activity and/or guided visit contracted through LCTEU, and for situations that do not have the condition of predictable or to be solved by LCTEU or if even it was impossible the fulfilment of some of the agreed benefits, LCTEU and/or the collaborating companies of LCTEU are excluded from any legal responsibility derived from these lacks or breaches.
LCTEU disclaims any liability arising from a misuse of the website by the user, as well as cancellations made by the user outside the period stipulated for it depending on the excursion, activity and / or guided tour contracted. LCTEU is not responsible for the refund of the amount paid by the User if they don't comply with the above.
By reading this document, the User assumes full responsibility for the Cancellation Policies, modification and the General and Specific Conditions described above, so LCTEU is exempt from any error made by the User in making the reservation and the delay or non-personification at the point of collection at the time set for each tour, activity and / or guided tour.
Similarly, LCTEU isn't responsible for the decisions taken by the service providers regarding the cancellation of the reservation because the User doesn't show the activity voucher, either on paper or downloaded on his phone.
It is always highly recommended that when making a trip, users have or take out travel insurance to cover any circumstances not foreseen in the insurance of the activity providers (such as a fortuitous accident during free time in an activity).
Any claim that occurs during the enjoyment of an activity of any provider and contracted with us must be communicated as soon as possible and not exceeding in any case the period of 72 hours from the completion of the contracted service.
The damages, injuries and accidents that the user may suffer while doing an activity or theft of goods during the enjoyment of the excursion, will not be the responsibility of LCTEU, although our company has a Traveler's Insurance that covers the user from injuries caused in our activities.
LCTE will not be responsible for inclement weather that may affect the realization of the excursion, activity and / or guided tour hired by the user.

For any incidence, please send email to:

14. Complaint sheets

LCTE informs that there are complaint forms available to the User through which you can make any complaint or claim in relation to the services provided by and you can request office hours from 09:00h to 13:00h at the address of our company in:

Calle Fuerteventura n. 46, 35100 San Fernando de Maspalomas,
Gran Canaria. Province of Las Palmas,

15. Intellectual property relating to the website

Unless otherwise indicated, the software necessary for our services or used on our website and intellectual property rights (including copyright) of the contents and information as well as the material on our website belong to LCTEU.
To the extent permitted by law, these terms and conditions and the provision of our services shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws in force in Spain, and any dispute arising out of these general terms and conditions and our services shall be brought solely before the competent courts of San Bartolomé de Tirajana, Gran Canaria, Spain.
LCTEU owns all rights to the content of the Web site, images used to promote their products and data included in it, or in the absence of third parties who have expressly authorized in writing their consent for LCTEU to use the Web site in order to promote their excursions, activities and / or products to modes of collaboration between both brands..

15.1 Intellectual property relating to the opinions expressed by users on the website

The User gives LCTEU permission to publish, adapt and distribute the opinions expressed on the website, which may be modified and/or adapted for advertising and promotional purposes of the Trademark both on the website and on LCTEU's Social Networks.
LCTEU will be able to make modifications of the opinions written by virtue of the fulfilment of the General Conditions of Use of the web site, communicating to the User before the accomplishment of these.

15.2 Opinions, comments and communications

The User will can writte his/her opinions about the excursion, activity and/or guided tour that he/she has reserved on the LCTEU website, always following the indications of Web Behavior described in the previous point.
LCTE will send the User an e-mail after the activity has been carried out so that the User can evaluate his/her experience with LCTEU.
LCTEU will review and evaluate the veracity and good intention of all the reviews shared by the User, publishing them on the website as soon as possible.
Failure by the User to comply with the following conditions will result in LCTEU censoring your comment and not publishing it on the website. The content not accepted by LCTE is the following:

  • Comments with violent expressions that incite violence against animals and/or people.
  • Comments with discriminatory expressions of race, sex, opinion, sexual orientation, nationality or social circumstances of the rest of the users and that attempt against their integrity.
  • Comments that promote illegal activities or with obscene content.
  • Comments that degrade and promote violence against a specific person or group.

In the same way, if the User considers that his comment doesn't conform to the terms described above or simply wants it to be eliminated, he can communicate it in the contact form of the Web site so that LCTEU can delete it.

16. Behaviour on the website

The User undertakes to use the information provided on the website lawfully and correctly, in compliance with current legislation and the General Conditions of Use described above.
In the same way, the User agrees to:

  • To provide truthful information of his personal data, not being able to communicate false data and/or to use the personal data of another person to supplant his identity.
  • To use the information of the Web site in a correct way without incurring in a fraudulent use of the same one.
  • Generate comments in accordance with the code of conduct of the website, maintaining a cordial vocabulary, not offensive, without insults or disrespect to other Users and / or LCTEU, as well as not send spam or messages for commercial purposes either in their name or in the name of another person or legal entity.

LCTEU reserves the right to deny access to any User who does not comply with the above.

17. Modifications

LCTEU reserves the right to carry out all the modifications that it considers opportune in the present General Conditions of Use, that will be communicated previously to the User and that will be valid from their publication in the Web site.

18. Safeguard clause

All the clauses of these General Conditions of Use must be interpreted in an independent and autonomous way, the rest not being affected in case one of them has been declared null by judicial sentence. The affected clause will be replaced by another one or others that preserve the effects pursued by the General Conditions of Use.

19. Jurisdiction and applicable law

These General Conditions of Use shall be governed by the Spanish legislation. In case of litigation on the interpretation, validity or execution of these General Conditions of Use, the Courts and Tribunals of San Bartolomé de Tirajana, LCTEU's fiscal headquarters, will be competent.
Under the provisions of Regulation (EU) No. 524/2013 of the European Parliament and Council of 21 May 2013 on the resolution of consumer disputes online, LCTEU informs the User that in case of dispute, the User resident in the European Union may go to the Online Platform for Dispute Resolution developed by the European Commission, whose purpose is to try to resolve out of court any dispute arising from the provision of services by LCTEU.
In any case, LCTEU informs the User that it has a Claim Form through which he can formulate any complaint or claim in relation to the services provided by LCTEU and according to the above-mentioned data.