Mirador del Rio

Mirador del Rio

24-05-2017   Lanzarote Highlights

The Mirador del Río represents one of the most characteristic architectural creations of César Manrique.

After accessing the interior by a winding hallway, we find two large vaulted spaces where two large glass windows - the Mirador's eyes - are located, allowing to glance extraordinary views from a privileged position.

Located on the outside, stands a figurative sculpture of wrought iron. It represents a fish and a bird. It is a metaphor of two elements of nature that have great presence in this landscape: water and air. The two windows, concave horizontally and slightly oblique vertically, increase the effect of panoramic view, allowing, at the same time, that the enclosure is flooded with light and communicating the interior and exterior space, giving priority to nature.

On clear and uncloudy days, we can see the islets that make up the Natural Park of the Chinijo Archipelago: first we find the island of La Graciosa, behind this Mountain Clara and the Roque del Oeste and in the background, Alegranza. The narrow stretch of sea that separates us from the islets is called "The River" and gives name to this viewpoint.

Also from here you can appreciate the base of Risco (cliff) Famara and the Salinas del Río, which stand out for their reddish colors and for being the oldest saltworks on the island.

The strategic location of this enclave, which, as a watchtower, allows a privileged view of a large part of the north of the island, was militarily used since the late nineteenth century when a defensive coast battery was built during the Spanish-Cuban-American War (the Cuban War). Popularly this area of ​​the Risco (cliff) de Famara has always been known as "Batería del Río".

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